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Sai Siksha Parishad is a center for cultural learning established in Sahojag Nagar, a prominent location in the cultural hub of Western Odisha, Sambalpur. Established by Shri Nanda Kishor Sahoo with the prime objective of training, education, and propagation of Indian culture, the institute is inclined to set new benchmarks in a provision of training in arts and culture. We emphasize on the varying aspects of cultural value such as dance, music, and art which are addressed by outstanding artists in each domain thereby validating the efficiency of our training facilities in Indian as well as foreign arts. Apart from the imperative goal of acquiring a higher influx of students, we also have a knack for experimentation which enables us to cope with the changing trends in popular preferences. Thereby we are able to make changes that do not mess with the traditional fabric while addressing the requirements of students.

Students could avail a varied assortment of courses such as Singing, Music, Yoga, Dance, Art & Craft, Aerobics, and Acting & Drama. Now it has become easier for students to pursue these courses in fine arts. You could take a look at the different underlying features of our courses in these distinct fine arts.

For example, our courses in Singing include Sastriya Sangeet, Sugam Sangeet, and Bhajans with accurate training in the mastery of Swara, Raga, and Alankar. Our course in Music deals with Light and Hindustani Classical Music along with prominent training in Swara, Swaralipi, and Sargam. Therefore, you could now perceive the variations in our courses as well as the reason for which we have long term vision of becoming one of the competent cultural training centers on the state as well as national level.

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